The Band

James Goare

Guitars, Vocals


Since the early ‘80’s, Jimi Goare has been known for his unique style, feel and command of the electric guitar. He has mentored over 1,000 aspiring players in his 27 years of playing and instruction. As a teenager in the mid-seventies, Jimi convinced his dad to buy a $40 acoustic guitar. His dad agreed, under the condition that Jimi would take guitar lessons. His dad was an educator by trade, therefore he knew the importance of instruction. Within the first couple of months of lessons, the instructor impressed upon mom and dad that their young student possessed an ear for music and a feel unlike he had ever seen. After the first year, Jimi began teaching students of his own. He formed his own band and started playing clubs and parties at the age of 15. With a reputation as “the little kid that could rock”, older, more established bands began to make offers to join them. After much consideration, Jimi’s father agreed to allow the youngster to play the club circuit. At age 16, he was working for Showtime, a top-flight booking agency. At age 17, he was asked to audition for Showtime’s top act and regional favorite, the Toledo band Shyster. He was half the other members ages! Shyster signed with a small label, Focus Records, from Cleveland, Ohio and, In late 1983, they entered the studio with well-known hit-making producer, Carl Maduri III. Carl had several hits to his credit, including records from Dianna Ross, Michael Stanley, Donnie Iris and the Gap Band. Over the next two years, the band toured playing shows with several national bands, including Cheap Trick, Night Ranger, Eddie Money and B.T.O. In 1986 Goare left Shyster and, for a brief time, teamed with Wally--then known as Smirth--in The Other Half. In 1988, he married and moved to Nashville to begin a new music career. This move was short-lived due to a family illness and the couple returned to Ohio. However, while in Nashville, Jimi worked with Heartland, a country gospel band, along with Guy Penrod of Gaither band fame, Warren Haynes of Allman Brothers fame, and Roy Yeager of Atlanta Rhythm Section fame.In 1996, fellow musicians and friends recruited Goare into The Affair band. The Affair released the CD “Solid Ground” in 1998. Warner Chapel Records of Sweden expressed much interest in the CD and bought a large quantity. Overseas reviews of the record were great and produced much critical acclaim. In 2002, Jimi signed a record deal with Retrospect Records and released an overseas CD of his catalog of original music titled Jimi Goare, Age of Grace. The drummer on the cd was none other than David Breaston. Within the next 2 years,Goare and Breaston would go on to lay the foundations for The Hipnotix.

David "Suga" Breaston

Drums, Vocals, Sequences


    Born in Lima Ohio... the oldest of 5, David would learn to love music at an early age. It was introduced to him by his mother and father at the age of 3. His father a musician and the singer for the group "Exodus" a Christian male group that toured the globe singing. David’s mother a singer in her own right would encourage his involvement in music by playing records, listening to the radio (oldies, and current). He would start to love music that ranged anywhere Beethoven to Bee Gees. Any genre he was introduced to he loved.  One day while his dad was working David would begin to reeking havoc on his mother’s pots and pans with wooden spoons. His mother would be right next to him doing dishes and listening to music. As he grew older they would introduce him to different instruments.   Living in Indiana they got him organ lessons with one of the church's organist. David would play until his father’s job moved him back to Ohio. Still having the love for the drums he would learn to play the violin, trumpet, and the trombone. They were all boring to him because his passion was all about the drums. Sitting under other drummers watching and listening to different styles would get him his break.       As he grew older his talents would take him farther then what he could possibly imagine. David would begin to play with groups such as "Victor Williamson and Praise", and then would play with "Exodus". The year..."1990" the place..."Greater Christ Temple", a church on the south side of Lima, Ohio. A choir concert that was being recorded for tape by none other than Jimi Goare. This was a meeting that would change his life. Jimi was floored at his skills being a 16 year old and knew that he wanted his groove on a project of his. But after that concert, they would part ways for a while. While David was in high school, he began working with Mike Bailey. Amazed by what he could already do, Mike would teach him how to develop his playing by teaching him technique, and improved his style, and timing. Coming to an end to a his high school career Mike would reunite David with Jimi Goare to do audition for a band he was leaving. That spot did opened in "Black Eyed Susan" and Jimi didn't want anyone but David to fill it. This started a relationship that last still to this day. Jimi would introduce him to Tony Newman. Tony would soon want his groove on some of his tracks. From the first show he would amaze and dazzle those who saw him perform. As any band Black Eyed Susan had its shelf life, He and Jimi would introduce him to bass phenom Steve Edwards and they would try and put "The Affair" back together. When that failed David and Jimi would go in different directions but the two stayed in touch. David would go on and form the band "Sucker Punch” with vocal phenom Adam Walls, bass extraordinaire Dean Magg, Doug Derringer, Mike "Patch" Adams, and Chris Goddard. He would soon pass the torch to Nate Felkey and they would take the band to a new level. David would soon catch up with his long time childhood friend Leroy "Dano" Pirtle to travel with his group "Committed". Years later Leroy would moved out of state. David would soon meet and play with "The Will Freed Band", "The Lima All-stars", "Armory", and "Gutter Funk". Then Jimi Goare approached him with the opportunity to start the Delphos All-stars with bass man Neil Mahlie. The name would soon change to "The Hipnotix". Still today the band grows even stronger.

Jodi Coil

Lead Vocals, Percussion


“Without music, life would be a mistake”
              - Friedrich Nietzsche
     Even before she was a teenager, Jody found her love of singing. Growing up in a family where her father played guitar and sang in a band, Jody was exposed to live music from a very young age. When she was 12, her dad and other members of his band were helping a band of young boys get ready for a talent contest. At one of the practices her Mom spoke out and announced, “Jody can sing! Jody can sing!”. After being prodded, she stood at the microphone and sang “Hang on Sloopy”. When she was done, the young band members immediately asked her to join their band. That was over 30 years ago and she hasn’t stopped singing since. Throughout the years Jody has won several vocal contests and played in many bands throughout Ohio and Indiana. She’s been in bands that have opened for some big name acts such as Kansas, Foghat, and Bad Company. Jody’s love of music expands to all genres. Country, Pop, Alternative, and Blues can all be found on her play list. Her influences range from Pat Benetar to Miranda Lambert to Susan Tedeshi. Jody’s introduction to the “Hipnotix” was not a glamorous one. While browsing the internet prior to calling it a night one evening, Jody received a phone call from Jimi. She remembers him saying, “Do you sing tonight?”. She answered “No”. “Do you wanna be?” was the reply. The lead singer of the band had fallen ill and they needed a replacement… Although she had heard of the Hipnotix before, she had never heard  them and didn’t have a clue what their song list looked like. She went anyways and the rest is history.

Sue Alt

Bass Guitar


    Bass player Sue Alt remembers the first time she saw the Hipnotix in concert. “It was in Lima, at the Rally in the Square. I thought they were absolutely amazing. The guitar player’s solo on ‘Black Velvet’ took my breath away. I had no idea that within a year, I would be up there playing with them.” At the time, Sue had just recently come on the live scene, playing bass and guitar with a trio called Two Thirds Right. During her time with that group, guitarist Jimi Goare heard her play. Because the bass player with the Hipnotix was in the process of moving on, Jimi took the opportunity to ask Sue if she would consider joining the Hipnotix. She readily accepted. “I knew it would be a challenge for me, because it was a whole other level of playing.  I was scared, but so excited to join a group for which I had so much respect.”  Sue recalls her first gig with the Hipnotix. “The first comment I heard when I walked up to the group was, ‘Welcome to our little family.’ Right then, I knew I was in the right place.” Sue appreciates the support and encouragement that come from her fellow band members. “We share a lot of our lives with each other. We’re not out to compete with each other. We are good friends, and just like to have fun.”Having grown up in a musical family, Sue was exposed to a lot of different instruments from an early age. Her father and two older brothers played in various bands together for as long as Sue can remember. However, they were a lot older than she, so Sue never really got included in their ‘adventures.’ “But there were always instruments lying around the house. I just picked them up and played them.” In time, she became involved in band and orchestra, and as a young adult, Sue toured Europe with a concert band. She has also been involved in local jazz bands, brass bands, church bands, and orchestra pits, on many different instruments. “Eventually, I found my way to the bass. I knew that was where I was going to stay. But it took me long enough!”     Now Sue enjoys working with her favorite drummer, “Sugar,” to provide a steady groove for the band. “I see the group moving forward,” she comments. “A lot of good things are happening. It just keeps getting better and better.”

Dean Altseatter

Keyboards, Vocals


Dean Altstaetter, is a classically trained, jazz and blues inspired keyboard player who is a rock enthusiast.  While his last name may suggest a strong, German musical heritage, his Latin American roots (from Panama) adds a dash of spice and a pinch of passion to the mix.  Deans influences are  Liszt, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Diana Krall, Nat King Cole, David Foster, Harry Connick Jr., "Groove" Holmes, Van Halen, Steely Dan and the popular Chicago.  Dean has played with groups along the lines of Blue Lou Marini, Hepcat Revival, The Vernon Neeley Jazz Quartet and Broken Yoke. Deans first encounter with the group began at Canal Days in Delphos, OH and almost a year later he would hear that an opening would become available and the Hipnotix would give him his big break. Deans Favorite artist is Franz Liszt was one of the greatest pianists that ever lived.  He can’t turn on his stereo or radio without finding a song that has captured his spirit.  This is what sparked Dean to play with the Hipnotix. Dean loves the variety of tunes that we do and not to mention, the vast amounts of talent in all of the players and singers.  “The Hipnotix has some amazing fans and thanks for adding to the excitement each time we play.  "You all are beautiful people and I love you guys!!! “